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Grease Monkey - Thornton #868

13662 Colorado Blvd.,  Thornton,  CO 80602
(303) 252-0468


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Alex G.
Thornton, CO
9/25/2013 11:01 PM ETZ
" All-around excellent service from the greeter to the mechanics to the manager. Everyone was polite, friendly, and helpful, particularly when my car behaved unexpectedly... I went in (April 2013) for an oil change and a brake inspection. The oil change was quick and the manager informed me I needed new brake pads as expected - that service took about an additional hour. While the manager drove the car around the building to test the pads, a loud snap occurred (half shaft completely broke off). This was not foreseen nor was it the manager's or mechanic's fault. They quickly assessed the situation and informed what happened. Without the part in stock, they ordered and obtained it within the hour and had it replaced 15 minutes after that. The mechanic stayed later than expected to get this job done while they charged no additional labor and offered me the part at cost! This service is rare in this industry and I'm very happy to have these guys in the area. Top-notch service "

Ean M. (Yelp Reviewer)
Thornton, CO
9/21/2013 12:33 PM ETZ
" Changed oil filter, air filter, vacuumed, checked tire pressure and tread, washed windows, gave a discount on a car wash, installed new wipers, checked my small oil leak, answered all my questions and showed me what they did. Amazing service, hard workers, honest prices. Reminded me that I could come back any time before my next oil change and get any fluids topped off. All for under $100. Oil change with all the above except car wash, air filter, and wiper blades costs $30 something. "

Google User 
Thornton, CO
7/9/2013 11:01 PM ETZ
" I am not a knowledgeable person when it comes to cars, lets be honest unless its a hobby or a job who is? The men at grease monkey have been so incredibly amazing that I found it hard to not leave a rating. In the past month I've visited the men at the Thornton grease monkey a few to many times (owning an old car will do that) and I must admit every visit has been above and beyond any expectation I could have had. Not once have I ever felt pressured into purchasing a service that I could afford or felt necessary to do at that time. Yes, they did suggest options that my car (with its miles) probably needed however never felt that if I said no the quality of work would be comprised in anyway. Not only have they provided excellent workmanship, they explain things in a way my brain can comprehend. It sounds silly, but I don't ever want to feel taken advantage of because I'm not sure what language the men are speaking. I feel blessed to find employees who not only enjoy & take pride in their work, but also find importance in explaining the little things that help and benefit my car and myself. They have brought must car back to life and after a couple diagnosis, a new gas cap, and fuel injection cleaning my old beast is running like a beauty. Thank you guys. Your amazing and I'm incredibly happy to have you in my neighborhood. "

Nick T.
Thornton, CO
2/7/2013 11:01 PM ETZ
" All of the staff at this shop are incredibly nice. Especially Ed and Brian. They are always very friendly, the service is always very well done and they are quick. I don't trust any other shop to service our vehicles, and I absolutely don't trust sending my wife to any other shop to get something looked at. Thanks for being a genuine shop "


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